Secure Key Deployment and Exchange Protocol for Manet Information Management

Brian Cusack, Alastair Nisbet
Secure Key Deployment and Exchange Protocol (SKYE) is an innovative encryption Key Management Scheme (KMS) based on a combination of features from recent protocols combined with new features for Mobile Ad Hoc Networks (MANETs). The design focuses on a truly ad hoc networking environment where geographical size of the network, numbers of network members and mobility of the members is all unknown before deployment. This paper describes the process of development of the protocol and the
more » ... and the application to system design to assure information security and potential evidential retention for forensic purposes. Threshold encryption key management is utilized and simulation results show that security within the network can be increased by requiring more servers to collaborate to produce a certificate for a new member, or by requiring a higher trust threshold along the certificate request chain. The cost of information management (eg. time, processor use and battery use in mobile devices) is also a consideration.
doi:10.4225/75/57b3adaafb85e fatcat:e6d22nifm5d5vldum5qc3wtl2y