New broadBe8nuclear resonances

Philip R. Page
2005 Physical Review C  
Energies, total and partial widths, and reduced width amplitudes of 8Be resonances up to an excitation energy of 26 MeV are extracted from a coupled channel analysis of experimental data. The presence of an extremely broad J^pi = 2^+ "intruder" resonance is confirmed, while a new 1^+ and very broad 4^+ resonance are discovered. A previously known 22 MeV 2^+ resonance is likely resolved into two resonances. The experimental J^pi T = 3^(+)? resonance at 22 MeV is determined to be 3^-0, and the
more » ... erimental 1^-? (at 19 MeV) and 4^-? resonances to be isospin 0.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.72.054312 fatcat:ztt7rmansfbf3jwu2zyknzc4yq