KNX-Based Home Automation Systems for Android Mobile Devices

G De Luca, P Lillo, L Mainetti, V Mighali, L Patrono, I Sergi
The adoption of smart environments is becoming more and more important in many applicative scenarios such as healthcare, asset management, environmental monitoring, and building automation. This last issue represents a very attractive use-case because of several scientific challenges that must be addressed in order to satisfy user requirements, which are mainly focused on the management of home's comfort parameters. The main goal of this work is to develop and validate an architecture, both
more » ... hitecture, both hardware and software, able to monitor and manage a Konnex-based home automation system through an Android mobile device in an efficient and safe way. In this perspective, an Android application is realized based on a specific Java library, called Calimero, that provides several methods for interaction with the Konnex implant. Furthermore, a software system able to configure the Android application consistently with the home automation implant is designed and implemented. The proposed architecture was tested from both functional and performance point of view and the obtained results prove that it provides high performance in comparison with other solutions already affirmed on the market.