Reconfigurable Mixed Mode Universal Filter

Neelofer Afzal, Devesh Singh
2014 Active and Passive Electronic Components  
This paper presents a novel mixed mode universal filter configuration capable of working in voltage and transimpedance mode. The proposed single filter configuration can be reconfigured digitally to realize all the five second order filter functions (types) at single output port. Other salient features of proposed configuration include independently programmable filter parameters, full cascadability, and low sensitivity figure. However, all these features are provided at the cost of quite large
more » ... number of active elements. It needs three digitally programmable current feedback amplifiers and three digitally programmable current conveyors. Use of six active elements is justified by introducing three additional reduced hardware mixed mode universal filter configurations and its comparison with reported filters.
doi:10.1155/2014/769198 fatcat:u5bjko4r7rh5dfjzwoqx62ugne