Selection of Superior Clones by Stability Analysis of Growth Performance in Populus davidiana Dode at Age 12

Y. B. Koo, J. K. Yeo, K. S. Woo, T. S. Kim
2007 Silvae Genetica  
Stability parameters and clone x site interactions for 12-year volume were investigated in seven Populus davidiana (Korean aspen) clonal trials in South Korea. Either 24 or 38 clones were tested in each of the seven sites. All sources of variables such as clone, site, and clone x site interaction were statistically significant (p < 0.01) in the analysis of variance. The average volume of 3,199 trees was 0.043 m3. The different types of stability were shown from selected clones against the test
more » ... eans for volume. Clone Palkong 2 represents a relatively unstable clone that is sensitive to site changes and had greater adaptability to favorable sites. Five clones, Odae 19, Taehyun 9, Sunyeo 4, Sokwang 31, and Taehyun 3, were selected as superior clones based on stability parameters and mean volume. The selected clones have average stability and performed in a predictable manner over different planting sites. A positive relationship between stability parameters and the clone mean performance for volume was noted in this study.
doi:10.1515/sg-2007-0015 fatcat:vm7olcg2hbfurctyzj26oj2d2u