The role of prediction in construction-learning

Adele E Goldberg, Devin M Casenhiser, Nitya Sethuraman
2005 Journal of Child Language  
It is well-established that (non-linguistic) categorization is driven by a functional demand of prediction. We suggest that prediction likewise may well play a role in motivating the learning of semantic generalizations about argument structure constructions. We report corpora statistics that indicate that the argument frame or construction has roughly equivalent cue validity as a predictor of overall sentence meaning as the morphological form of the verb, and has greater category validity.
more » ... is, the construction is at least as reliable and more available than the verb. Moreover, given the fact that many verbs have quite low cue validity in isolation, attention to the contribution of the construction is essential.
pmid:16045257 fatcat:3kidffnxzjgi5hkicj34woz2jm