Heat Generation Analysis and its Reduction in Meshing Gears

D Ghewade, S Nagarale, A Pandav, Asst Prof
International Journal for Ignited Minds   unpublished
It is required to have smooth power transmission between meshing gears of gear train. Generally heat is produced in meshing gears due to friction. This friction further increases the heat, which affects the working condition & life of gears. Hence it is required to remove this heat and maintain the gear temperature of gear train for smooth working & higher efficiency. It is necessary to analyze the rate of heat generation from particular types of gears, then decide the amount and type of
more » ... ting oil be supplied to remove the generating heat to maintain the temperature of gears at safe working level. The printing machines used for printing was run at very high speed. Hence machine requires high accuracy and good quality for efficient work. These machines includes gear box for transmission of motion to printing rollers. Rotating motion to printing rollers is transmitted through gear box in single step. The problem of heat generation in meshing gears is predominant and hence it is necessary to study & analyze to reduce the amount of heat generation. This will improve the performance of the printing machine which in turn will improve the production rate and quality.