Generalizations of reflected entropy and the holographic dual

Jinwei Chu, Runze Qi, Yang Zhou
2020 Journal of High Energy Physics  
We introduce a new class of quantum and classical correlation measures by generalizing the reflected entropy to multipartite states. We define the new measures for quantum systems in one spatial dimension. For quantum systems having gravity duals, we show that the holographic duals of these new measures are various types of minimal surfaces consist of different entanglement wedge cross sections. One special generalized reflected entropy is ∆ R , with the holographic dual proportional to the so
more » ... alled multipartite entanglement wedge cross section ∆ W defined before. We then perform a large c computation of ∆ R and find evidence to support ∆ R = 2∆ W . This shows another candidate ∆ R as the dual of 2∆ W and also supports our holographic conjecture of the new class of generalized reflected entropies.
doi:10.1007/jhep03(2020)151 fatcat:itiujrdslragbgvjorwdusgc6u