Mitochondrial DNA variation of Champsocephalus gunnari Lönnberg (Pisces: Channichthyidae) stocks on the Kerguelen Plateau, southern Indian Ocean

R. Williams, A. J. Smolenski, R. W. G. White
1994 Antarctic Science  
The distribution of the icefish Champsocephalusgunnari on the Kerguelen Plateau is confined to the inner shelves of Heard and Kerguelen islands and outlying banks where the water depth is less than 350 m. For fisheries management purposes, it is necessary to know whether fish from the various shelves and banks belong to one single or several separate populations. Analysis of the mitochondrial DNA of fish from various localities using restriction endonuclease enzymes revealed no significant
more » ... ic heterogeneity between any of the localities. This does not preclude the existence of isolated stocks at the present time but indicates that the populations have been separated too recently for genetic isolation to be manifested, or that low-level interchange of fish between the populations may be maintaining genetic homogeneity.
doi:10.1017/s0954102094000520 fatcat:es6hhj3vqjc4zg5kjduimpqp7u