E-Waste a Business Opportunity for Sustainable Smart Cities

Ms Matangi, J Dave, Mr Karankumar, J Gothi, Mr Bhishma, J Bhatti, P Student
2017 ISSN   unpublished
Tremendous growth in the use of Information Communication Technology (ICT) devices and services, faster change of technology and frequent innovations in the ICT sector, had left the world with a threat of stagnation in environmental conditions and human health as the-waste of electronic and electrical equipment, which contains hazardous components, is still handled in an environmentally unfriendly manner mainly in developing smart cities. Which is a huge challenge for smart cities to handle
more » ... ities to handle e-waste in a controlled manner and protect the environment. In this paper our approach is made towards assessing the present situation of E-waste management globally as well as in India, considering the present regulations and guidelines. The current practices of E-waste management in smart cities suffer from a number of drawbacks like the difficulty in enumeration, unhealthy conditions of informal recycling, inadequate legislation, poor awareness and unwillingness on the part of the corporation to address the critical issues. In developing smart cities, it can help in uplifting the status of the informal sector with help of education and employment. In addition to the technical, social and organizational aspects of the E-waste management system, it is also crucial to consider the economic aspects, if the system has to be made financially viable and sustainable along with being socially acceptable.