Dispersion Effect of Polyoxyethylene-Type Surfactants on Alkoxide-Derived SrTiO3 Particles and Influence of These Surfactants for Preparation of SrTiO3 Sheets

Kenji KAWASAKI, Yoshiharu OZAKI
1998 Journal of the Ceramic Society of Japan  
Dispersion effect of polyoxyethylene-type surfactants on aggregation of alkoxide-derived SrTiO3 particles in water as well as the influence of these surfactants for preparation of SrTiO3 ceramic sheets were studied. Seven kinds of surfactants were examined. Among these surfactants, a surfactant having carboxyl group was effective on dispersing aggregated of SrTiO3 particles. This surfactant was soluble in water. The surfac tant solution behaved as a Newtonian fluid. The density and viscosity of
more » ... the 7.5 mass% surfactant solution were 1.0411gcm3 and 2.3mPas. The green sheet could be prepared using a SrTiO3 particleswater system suspension in which aggregation of SrTiO3 particles was controlled by addition of the surfactant. This green sheet was composed of fine particles with a diameter of less than 1m. These constituent par ticles of the green sheet were finer than that in the green sheet formed without the addition of surfactant. SrTiO3 ceramic sheets could be obtained with successive sintering of the green sheets at 1300.
doi:10.2109/jcersj.106.1000 fatcat:dh7tgubczzdrbeqy6xhtdstrsi