Study of the Mechanical Properties of GFRTP by Pressure Additives and Compounding
첨가제 배합 및 압력에 따른 GFRTP의 기계적 특성 연구

Seung Min Oh, Jong Su Kim, Gyun Ho Seol, Ye Ji Yun, Young Min Kim, Dong Su Yang, Su Jin No, Gyu Se Lee, Sung Su Gang
2014 Transactions of Korean Society of Automotive Engineers  
Glass fiber reinforced thermoplastics(GFRTP) is made by adding chemical additive to glass fabric which is strong at a high temperate, incorrodible, and good at intensity and specific gravity. Although we focused on the weight lightening, the intensity of GFRTP is also important. To remedy thermoplastic resin's inferior property of matter to thermo-hardening resin, we formed several specimen, differing the chemical additive as Homo PP, MAPP 3%, Rubber 5%, and mixed. We put pressure of 5 type on
more » ... ssure of 5 type on the specimens. The analyses result for the different pressure, the resin spreads evenly, then the coherence is increased. Eventually, the mechanical properties are changed. When high intensity is needed, it is good idea to use polypropylene(PP) which has good coherence with glass fabric as chemical additive. We can get better intensity when we form the resin at the optimum pressure depending on mixing of chemical additive and glass fabric than when we increase the pressure.
doi:10.7467/ksae.2014.22.6.009 fatcat:n2yft53wcrdn3lfzf7u5yx54vm