Evaluation of two new rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) for the diagnosis of malaria

Fahmida Jahan, Rubayet Elahi, Md. Khaja Mohiuddin, Md. Gulam Musawwir Khan, Mohammad Shafiul Alam, Rashed Noor
2013 Bangladesh Journal of Medical Microbiology  
A bstr act R apid diagnostic tests (R DT s) addr ess the need for accur ate diagnosis of malar ia, par ticular ly in r esour ce limited settings. I n this study, two malar ia R DT s wer e compar ed with gold standar d micr oscopy: OnSite Pf/Pv test detecting Plasmodium falciparum-specific histidine r ich pr otein-2 (Pf H R P2) and P. vivax-specific par asitic lactate dehydr ogenase (pL DH ) antigens; and SD B ioline anti-Pf/Pv test detecting anti-H R P2 and anti-pL DH antibodies for the
more » ... ies for the diagnosis of P. falciparum and P. vivax infections, r espectively. F or OnSite test, the over all sensitivity was found 96.2% , specificity 98.2% , positive pr edictive value (PPV ) 98.2% , negative pr edictive value (NPV ) 96.4% and agr eement with micr oscopy was found to be 0.94. On the other hand SD B ioline test, the over all sensitivity was 75.4% , specificity 83.7% , PPV 84.3% , NPV 74.5% and agr eement with micr oscopy was 0.59. T hese data r evealed that the R DT based on antigen detection (Onsite test) was mor e r eliable than that based on the antibody detection (SD B ioline test). K ey wor ds: M alar ia, R apid Diagnosis, Plasmodium falciparum, Plasmodium vivax, R DT . Bangladesh J Med Microbiol 2011; 05 (02): 11-15
doi:10.3329/bjmm.v5i2.16931 fatcat:7ajfwvyysnfqnim2eanp435ena