THE MOST EFFECTIVE APPROACHES TO LEARNING ENGLISH// ACADEMY JOURNAL ISSN 2733-0923, no. 1(19) (April 20, 2022)/ Chief Editor V. Klevtsov /Open European Academy of Public Sciences : Tallinn, Estonia, 2022 - P. 50-54 [post]

Marzhan Maratkyzy Mukumbek
2022 unpublished
A foreign language is taught in different ways. At the English First school, teachers focus on speech development and vocabulary replenishment, because without this, it is impossible to build a dialogue. If you make a grammatical mistake in your speech, you will still be understood, but if you can't find the right words, you will have to try to convey the idea to the other person. That is why, first, we develop speech skills and use six approaches to learning English, which are used by leading
more » ... eachers in colleges and universities around the world.
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:nxivstbmw5awhbatsbgdvfkngy