Comparison of MMC and BW fracture models for constructing 3D ductile fracture envelope of AA6063 during cold forming [post]

Jianye Gao, Tao He, Yuanming Huo, Miao Song, Tingting Yao, Wanbo Yang
2020 unpublished
The 3D ductile fracture envelopes of AA6063-T6 was developed to predict and prevent its fracture. Smooth round bar (SRB) tension tests were carried out to characterize the flow stress, and a series of experiments were conducted to characterize the ductile fracture firstly, such as notched round bar (NR) tension tests, compression tests and torsion tests. These tests cover a wide range of stress triaxiality (ST) and Lode parameter (LP) to calibrate the ductile fracture criterion. Plasticity
more » ... ing was performed, and the predicted results were compared with corresponding experimental data to verify the plasticity model after these experiments. Then the relationship between ductile fracture strain and ST with LP was constructed using the modified Mohr–Coulomb (MMC) model and Bai and Wierzbicki (BW) model to develop the 3D ductile fracture envelope. Finally, a new ductile damage model was proposed based on the 3D fracture envelope of AA6063. The final results show that the predicted results from the proposed ductile fracture model showed good agreement with experimental results.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:yxpteqe635fkbbhs4j72sfvu7m