Classrooms as Places of Productive Friction

Lana Parker
2022 Philosophy of Education  
Classrooms are commonly constructed as contact zones and educational philosophers have long deliberated the characteristics of that contact. With the changing nature of how young people spend their time both in and out of school, however, new questions of digital liminality ought to be considered. The online world is a space of tensions and contradictions. On one hand, we are alone, facing a screen, and anchored to a void rather than the particularities of this space and time; on the other, we
more » ... re immersed in possibilities of abundance. The dichotomy produces anxiety, as we are pulled toward the promise of knowledge and community but are simultaneously overwhelmed by a cacophony of information. Technology companies understand this anxiety and seek to exploit it. They design algorithms for the twin purposes of addiction and control. 1 By employing filter bubbles and cultivating echo chambers, they simultaneously satiate our need for belonging and addict us to the prospect of garnering "likes.
doi:10.47925/78.1.058 fatcat:4jlc3uo5tnbzdim7knbu3gmjby