Bleeding manifestations in dengue and their correlation with the platelet count

B Sreenivasa, B Manjunatha, Joseph Nivil
2017 Sri Lanka Journal of Child Health  
Objective: To study the common bleeding manifestations in dengue and see whether there is a correlation between them and platelet counts less than 100,000/ Method: Children below the age of 14 years with dengue seropositivity were included in the study. Relevant blood investigations were done and patients were managed according to World Health Organisation guidelines. Results: A total of 100 children with a mean age of 7.9 ± 3.7 years were included in the study. During the course of
more » ... the course of illness, bleeding occurred in 60% of children. It was found that 26% of children had melaena, 20% had petechiae, 8% had haematemesis, 4% had epistaxis and 2% had gum bleeding. All (100%) the patients who had platelet counts between 50,001-100,000/ developed haemorrhage and 95.8% of patients with platelet range between 20,001-50,000/ of blood had developed haemorrhage. However, of patients who had platelet counts less than 20,000/, 41.8% developed haemorrhage and 58.2% did not have haemorrhagic manifestations (p =0.001). Conclusions: No correlation was found between platelet counts <100,000/cu mm and increase in incidence of bleeding manifestations in DHF. DOI: (
doi:10.4038/sljch.v46i3.8320 fatcat:ozfcregfbfbb3gmqf6d2prf2sy