Multipartite Nonlocality in Clifford Networks [article]

Amanda Gatto Lamas, Eric Chitambar
2022 arXiv   pre-print
In an N-party quantum network, non-classical correlations can arise when locally measuring across k-party entangled states (k<N) that are independently distributed. Such correlations are said to embody quantum network nonlocality. In this paper, we show that bipartite entanglement (i.e. k=2) is sufficient for generating all forms of quantum network nonlocality when allowing for post-selection, a feature that might not arise when using more general non-signaling devices. We then demonstrate that
more » ... network nonlocality fails to emerge in quantum networks limited strictly to pure stabilizer states and Clifford gates. This work sheds new light on the distinction between non-genuine and genuine network nonlocality by showing that all known approaches for generating the latter require some form of non-Clifford operation.
arXiv:2208.04731v4 fatcat:irgnmzkuefgshgyddr24h7ahqi