Dancing in Wandering: On the Wandering Consciousness of Ding Ling's Early Female Writing

Wenxu Nie
2019 OALib  
Ding Ling's early novels, with the basic characteristics of getting rid of the feudal ideological and pursuing gender liberation, highlighted a strong sense of female subjectivity. However, few people find the wandering consciousness of losing their homeland hidden in the female subjectivity. This wandering consciousness is embodied in woman's pursuit of feelings, ideals and freedom, independent selections physical vagrancy and spiritual vagrancy. In Ding Ling's novels, the body writing of
more » ... e vagrants and the recognition of loneliness make "going away" no longer an empty declaration, but an alternative choice for women to transcend their subjective spirit. The reason is that Ding Ling's own experience and the rejection of women by the times have all contributed to the formation of her wandering consciousness.
doi:10.4236/oalib.1105861 fatcat:ggprmamri5gwdfxqtbnrsma4e4