Hermeneutical Approach in the Creation of a Modern Interpretative Version of a Ukrainian Folk Song "Na Vgorody Yavory"

V. V. Osypenko
2019 Culture of Ukraine  
образности напевов, приуроченных к Зеленым святкам. Выяснена специфика региональной вокально-тембровой традиции, на основе рассмотрения фактуры, звукообразования и речевого диалекта. Ключевые слова: народнопесенная традиция, исполнительский фольклоризм, современная исполнительская версия народной песни, герменевтический подход, фольклористический ансамбль. Problem statement. The cognition of the spiritual depths of folk singing creativity which hides specific hermeneutic code is an important
more » ... is an important mission of every generation on the way of the development of nation's own culture and self-identification. The Ukrainian system of world's symbolic display belongs to one of the ancient and the richest systems of traditional culture on the planet. The aim of this paper is to describe the specific features of hermeneutic approach in the creation of modern interpretative version of a folk song. Research methodology. Holistic cognition and interpretation of samples of the texts of folk songs and the creation of their modern interpretative versions are based on the comprehensive analysis of all components of the traditional sign system which is provided by the hermeneutic approach. Results. The specific character of the creation of modern interpretative version of a folk song has been revealed based on the algorithm of the cognition of a folk song and its modeling. It has been found that the presence of the genre features of spring and summer ceremonial songs and the elements of later genresballads and lyric occur in comparison with recitative and declamation, timbre and dynamic tension of elongated lyric and rhythmic and energetic character of an archaic ceremonial songs. The character of associative connections of tragic and dramatic components of balladic poetical lyrics and figurality of chants coincided with the Green Holidays are highlighted. The specific character of regional vocal and timbre tradition which is based on the review of texture, sound formation and language dialect is clarified. Novelty. The author raises the issue of the hermeneutic approach based on studying an old Trinity song from Solonytsya village of Lubny district of Poltava region "Na vhorody yavory". The practical significance. The research has important implications for the issues of performing folklorism, that is, the measures of copying and the necessity of enhancement of the emotional and graphic component with the help of the creation of the composition of interpretative version with a strict "relief" of dynamic, tempo and rhythmic, and melodic and alternative development. Conclusions. Hermeneutic approach reveals major possibilities in working with the students' folklore ensemble, especially in an attempt to explain artistic and graphic, emotional and esoteric and pragmatic contents of a folk song which was encoded in the symbolics of an ancient poetry and also in the genre and style, in harmonic and intonational, in the beat and rhythm and in vocal and timbre components. It is reasonable to use interpretative means of
doi:10.31516/2410-5325.066.19 fatcat:hina7tt7jzb2tht23aealg4uza