Karyomorphology and systematics of the eastern taxa ofGenistasect.SpartioidesandG. pulchella(Genisteae-Fabaceae)

Cusma Velari Tiziana, Laura Feoli Chiapella, Vera Kosovel
2009 Caryologia (Firenze)  
A karyological analysis of some taxa of Genista sect. Spartioides, distributed in the eastern part of the Mediterranean region, was carried out. The three subspecies of Genista pulchella: ssp. pulchella (western Balkan Peninsula), ssp. aquilana (central Apennines) and ssp. villarsiana (southern France) all present the chromosome number 2n = 18 + (0 -4B). The taxa of G. albida aggr., G. albida (eastern Mediterranean) and G. involucrata (Anatolian), both have 2n = 18 + (0 -2B); 2n = 36 + (0 -3B)
more » ... 2n = 36 + (0 -3B) being rarely found in the latter species. As regards the taxa endemic to the Balkan Peninsula, G. halacsyi and G. subcapitata show 2n = 18 + (0 -2B), G. sakellariadis and G. millii 2n = 36 + 2B. All these numbers may be traced back to the basic number x = 9. G. pulchella has the most symmetric karyotype, while G. albida and G. involucrata result more asymmetric; the four Balkan endemics (G. halacsyi, G. sakellariadis, G. subcapitata and G. millii) present the highest grade of asymmetry. A comparison with karyological data already available for all the taxa of sect. Spartioides was also made.
doi:10.1080/00087114.2004.10589675 fatcat:rtq7csxeczd2zdrb65xbp3hva4