XHM: a system for detection of potential cross hybridizations in DNA microarrays

Kristian Flikka, Fekadu Yadetie, Astrid Laegreid, Inge Jonassen
2004 BMC Bioinformatics  
Microarrays have emerged as the preferred platform for high throughput gene expression analysis. Cross-hybridization among genes with high sequence similarities can be a source of error reducing the reliability of DNA microarray results. We have developed a tool called XHM (cross hybridization on microarrays) for assessment of the reliability of hybridization signals by detecting potential cross-hybridizations on DNA microarrays. This is done by comparing the sequences of the probes against an
more » ... xtensive database representing the transcriptome of the organism in question. XHM is available online at http://www.bioinfo.no/tools/xhm/. Using XHM with its user-adjustable parameters will enable scientists to check their lists of differentially expressed genes from microarray experiments for potential cross-hybridizations. This provides information that may be useful in the validation of the microarray results.
doi:10.1186/1471-2105-5-117 pmid:15333145 pmcid:PMC517492 fatcat:fkviczgbpnavtfwn7how5g3j3e