Catalytic Cascade Dehydration-Etherification of Fructose into 5-Ethoxymethylfurfural with SO3H-Functionalized Polymers

Hu Li, Qiuyun Zhang, Song Yang
2014 International Journal of Chemical Engineering  
A series of SO3H-functionalized polymers were prepared and employed as heterogeneous catalysts for one-pot transformation of fructose into 5-ethoxymethylfurfural (EMF) that is considered to be one of potential liquid biofuels. A high EMF yield of 72.8% could be obtained at 110°C for 10 h, and the polymeric acid catalysts could be recycled for five times without significant loss of catalytic performance.
doi:10.1155/2014/481627 fatcat:ih5ok3unave37kspfaearut4pe