Numerical study of flow and heat transfer in a porous medium between two stretchable disks using quasi-linearization method

Shaheen Akhter, Muhammad Ashraf
2019 Thermal Science  
In this study, the flow as well as heat transfer of a classical Newtonian fluid of constant density and viscosity in a porous medium between two radially stretching disks is explored. The role of the porosity of the medium, the stretching of the disks, the viscous dissipation and radiation on the flow and temperature fields is taken into account. The flow and heat equations are transformed into nonlinear ordinary differential equations by invoking the classical similarity transformations. These
more » ... nsformations. These nonlinear differential equations were linearized using Quasi linearization method. Further the linearized equations were discretized by employing the finite differences which were then solved numerically using the successive over relaxation parameter method. Some features of the flow and temperature are discussed in detail in the form of tables and graphs. The present study may be beneficial in lubricants and computational storage devices as well as fluid flows and heat transmission in rotor-stator systems. At low Reynolds number, for the simulation of fluid flow, Darcy's law is much appropriate. Masoud et al. [1] investigated experimentally the effect of permeability and inertial forces over a fluid flow through a porous medium. They also studied the derivations of Navier Stokes equations and coefficient of inertial term experimentally as well as numerically by using Darcy Law.
doi:10.2298/tsci180801163a fatcat:o7cqnbbf7nclbku6lzcaoupv2e