RISC-V ISA based Autonomous Quad-Plane using Shakti C-64 Vajra Processor.pdf

Shrihari G
2021 figshare.com  
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles have become increasingly popular in a plethora of disciplines ranging from cinematogr aphy,transportation, healthcare, and critical applications like defense, search and rescue etc. The security, customizability and the reliability ofUAVs for such applications play a vital role. This emphasizes the adoption of an open source royalty free Instruction Set Architecture,RISC V. This allows for maximum scalability and flexibility in modifying the instruction set according to
more » ... on set according to the requirements, contra ry to theproprietary instruction set by ARM. Shakti microprocessors, an open source microproces sor initiative by RISE Labs, IIT Madras solves thisissue by providing an open source processor cores which can be customized accordingly to suit the needs of the developer [ 1]. The projectaims at designing and developing an indigenous multipurpose, fully customizable flight controller using Vajra C64 microprocessor realizedin Arty 7 100T FPGA board [ 2]. This flight controller design could be easily adopted to other RISC V based microprocessors and the controlsystem design is also made to be processor in dependent by the use of SIMULINK Aerospace Block set with Flight Code generated fromthe SIMULINK coder. The developed control system and the proposed fight controller would prove to be an effective solution ag ainstcommon security flaws, like backdoor exp loits in proprietary processors. Fixed wing drone aircrafts require long runways for take offs andlanding. Whereas multi copters like quadcopters, hexa copters do not require a long runway. But such multirotor drones are not suitable forlong distance qui ck flight which are of prime importance in defense applications. To solve this issue, a multirotor quad plane whichfunctions as a quadcopter during take off and landing, and as an aircraft during flight is proposed. The integration of quadcopters and fixe dwing airplanes allows for unique and strategic maneuvers. The indigenously developed flight controller emphasizes the "Make i n India"campaign and t [...]
doi:10.6084/m9.figshare.14674017.v1 fatcat:omvb3zbldva57pyhlbbay2762e