Optimization of clonal micropropagation of Chrysanthemum

I. D. Borodulina, A. Trufanova, G. Shevchenko, G. Sokolova, T. Plaksina
2019 Ukrainian Journal of Ecology  
Micropropagation of Chrysanthemum is an alternative to the traditional method of reproduction. Thanks to this method, the Chrysanthemum reproduction time is reduced to 3-4 months. For clonal micropropagation, sterile microshoots of Chrysanthemums of the varieties Snow White, Stranger, and Baltica White were used. At the stage of the micropropagation, the Murashige-Skoog (MS) medium with the full and half composition of mineral salts and growth regulators (kinetin, 6-benzylaminopurine,
more » ... cetic acid) were used. A universal culture medium for clonal micropropagation of all varieties of Chrysanthemum and optimal mediums, taking into account variety-specificity were established. It was noted that under in vitro conditions, high proliferative activity was observed in Neznakomka variety.
doi:10.15421/2019_809 fatcat:63znedk575hm3ksvgzoqms7ohi