Work-Life Balance: A Portrait of Filipino Migrants Onshore Workers in the Petroleum Industry of Qatar

Rowena Elsa P. Sagayadoro
2021 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Work-life balance is seen as to alleviate pressure in one's workplace. The presence of work-life balance will have a great advantage to both Employers and Employees as it can produce a healthy work environment and a productive workforce. Method: This qualitative research paper utilized a phenomenological study aiming to understand the lived experiences of the participants, specifically Filipino Migrants Onshore Workers, relative to the central question: "How do onshore Filipino migrant workers
more » ... no migrant workers in the petroleum industry in Qatar balance their professional and personal lives?" Findings: Findings have shown that when it comes to their salary and work environment, the Filipino Migrants Onshore Workers are wellpleased because of the advantages, benefits, and the enjoyment they get from their company, however, some have difficulties balancing their time, and some have been racially discriminated against. Conclusion: Onshore Filipino migrant workers frequently lose out on important family events, but most of the respondents are satisfied with their job and work environment. Recommendation: The researchers suggest having different groups of respondents apart from those with families, with that the responses would have been different. Thus, keeping an eye on errors would greatly impact the paper.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2021.32869 fatcat:6ws4zl3ctja3tevzs2iyhalupa