Fahmi Ali Hudaefi, Irwandi Jaswir
2019 Journal of Islamic Monetary Economics and Finance  
Considering Indonesia's target to lead halal industry worldwide, the discussionupon the current practices of halal governance in the country is critical to get into acomprehensive insight. Several major drawbacks within the previous studies on thistopic is found along the followings. There has never been a study that has specificallydiscussed the term of halal governance substantively or comprehensively investigatedthe subject matters in Indonesia. Driven by this gap, we set out to review
more » ... overnance practices in Indonesia by employing a qualitative method of documentary.In doing so, the present paper firstly discusses the substantive materials upon linesof defense in halal governance that covers the four themes, which the present paperparticularly reviews as the current practices in Indonesia. From the present discussion,this paper offers the novelty on the explanation of lines of defense in halal governance,and that of the current practices in Indonesia along with the related issues presentlyassociated with it. In addition, this paper further delivers the applicable advises forthe improvement of the practices. This study is relevant for the stakeholders of halalindustry including the domestic government agencies, practitioners and academics.
doi:10.21098/jimf.v5i1.1049 fatcat:zyedlqmmpbhs7im3i33tfmsgoa