Photochemical Oxidation Process of Copper from Electroplating Wastewater: Process Performance and Kinetic Study

Aji Prasetyaningrum, Teguh Riyanto, Mohamad Djaeni, Widayat Widayat
2020 Processes  
An investigation of the process of ozone combined with ultraviolet radiation has been carried out in order to establish the kinetics for photochemical oxidation of copper (Cu) from electroplating wastewater. The effects of operating parameters, including initial Cu concentration, ozone dosage, UV irradiation intensity, and pH value on the photochemical oxidation of Cu have been studied comprehensively. The Cu concentration during the reaction was identified using atomic absorption spectroscopy
more » ... AAS) method. The solid product was analyzed using X-ray diffraction (XRD) and scanning electron microscope–energy-dispersive X-ray (SEM–EDX) methods. It was found that the UV-Ozone process has high performance on Cu removal compared to UV and Ozone processes due to the high production rate of HO• radicals. It was also found that the solid product from the UV-Ozone process was CuO monoclinic crystal phase. The initial Cu concentration, ozone dosage, and pH value were significantly affected the Cu removal efficiency. On the other hand, the UV irradiation intensity was not significant; however, it has responsibility in promoting the ozone photolysis. The kinetics model for the photochemical oxidation of Cu was established following the first-order kinetic model. Furthermore, the reaction mechanism was also developed.
doi:10.3390/pr8101276 fatcat:yihxfhhajna5jcy2sd3g25mda4