Comparative Study of Lithium Secondary Batteries Using Nonvolatile Safety Electrolytes

Yo Kobayashi, Yuichi Mita, Shiro Seki, Yasutaka Ohno, Hajime Miyashiro, Nobuyuki Terada
2007 Journal of the Electrochemical Society  
The physical properties and electrochemical performances were systematically compared among a quaternary ammonium cationbased room-temperature ionic liquid electrolyte ͑ILE͒, a solid polymer electrolyte ͑SPE͒, and a conventional organic liquid electrolyte ͑OLE͒. The ionic conductivity, an interface impedance at the Li/electrolyte, and the activation energy at the interface were in the order of OLE Ͼ ILE Ͼ SPE. Cells using ILE and SPE exhibited sufficiently high discharge capacities of
more » ... cities of approximately 160 mAh g −1 at the 100th cycle using LiFePO 4 cathode. The required operation temperatures at a rate of 1C discharge, for which the discharge capacity at 1C was Ͼ90% of that obtained at C/8, were 363 K using SPE and 333 K using ILE.
doi:10.1149/1.2736646 fatcat:ou5qwlshwnfp3iuzarp7lzqlji