A new workflow for the automated measurement of shape descriptors of rocks [post]

Eszter Fehér, Balázs Havasi-Tóth, Balázs Ludmány
2020 unpublished
<p><strong>Abstract.</strong> Shape properties of rocks carry important geological information about their origin, and they may also provide a window to study the abrasion processes forming their geometry. The number of mechanical equilibria is a significant property with a profound mathematical background that could reveal the secrets hidden in the artifacts of Nature. Although it is easy to count by hand, the automation of its measurement is not a straightforward task. A new
more » ... workflow is introduced for the fast and efficient measurement of geometrical properties, including the number and location of stable and unstable equilibrium points of rocks based on a portable 3D scanner combined with computer software that can analyze the resulting point cloud. The technique allows for the fast examination of statistically sufficient sample sizes without the need for transportation or storage of the specimens. A previously hand-measured set of pebbles and fragments was used as a reference for the validation of the method, and its effectiveness is demonstrated through the examination of beach pebbles carried out in Kawakawa Bay, New Zealand.</p>
doi:10.5194/esurf-2020-23 fatcat:wtmxfkb55fg43ezn4gxdbhlkty