Nadiah Viora Salsabila, Niken Febrina Ernungtyas
2020 Jurnal Ilmiah Dinamika Sosial  
Nadiah Viora Salsabila, Niken Febrina Ernungtyas JURNAL ILMIAH DINAMIKA SOSIAL 4 (1) 2020 | 177 ABSTRACT Every life is always in contact with the internet, including the phase of grief. Someone who has been left forever by someone dear then has the nature of grief has moved to the online media in various ways and several aspects of death such as mourning on social media. Social media is a platform through the internet network that can be used to create digital content sharing profiles created
more » ... the form of text, photos, graphics, or videos in the network user community that can respond to that content. Social media mediates mourning for users who are separated by space and distance. This study aims to describe the perceptions of the grief information circulating on social media. The grief that is the focus of this study is the K-pop artist from South Korea named Choi Jin Ri or Sulli, a former member of the girl band F (x). Sulli passed away of suicide due to bullying on social media such as blasphemy, insults, and even negative comments (trolling). This study uses a constructivist paradigm and a qualitative approach to understand the phenomenon of mourning on social media. Data collection was collected by interviewing three teenagers who knew the case. After qualitative coding on the interview transcript, three main findings were obtained. First, the news of grief on Instagram became popular, viral and booming. Second, netizens feel emotional when they see that information on Instagram. Third, netizens sympathize with acts of abuse experienced by Sulli
doi:10.38043/jids.v4i1.2325 fatcat:upjdtg2mxvdrfcof2e7k2s7laa