Treatment of high salinity wastewater using CWPO process for reuse

Yakun Zhuo, Mei Sheng, Xueke Liang, Guomin Cao
2017 Journal of AOTS. Advanced Oxidation Technologies  
AbstractA high salinity wastewater from epoxy resin was treated with the catalytic wet peroxide oxidation (CWPO) process, so that it can be reused as the chlor-alkali process feedstock. Both bench and pilot scale trials were conducted out in this research. The effect of oxidant (hydrogen peroxide) and catalyst (ferrous sulfate) dosages, and their dosing methods, pH value, temperature, and reaction time on TOC removal by the CWPO process were evaluated through bench experiment. The obtained
more » ... . The obtained optimal reaction conditions for the CWPO process were as following: H
doi:10.1515/jaots-2017-0024 fatcat:xpr3ymba4zgyxhz3au32a4poey