Application of Generalized Non-Local Quantum Hydrodynamics to the Calculation of the Charge Inner Structures for Proton and Electron

Boris V. Alexeev
2012 Journal of Modern Physics  
The proton and electron charge inner structures are considered in the frame of the non-local quantum hydrodynamics based on the non-local physical description. From calculations follow that proton and electron can be considered like charged balls (shortly CB model) which charges are concentrated mainly in the shell of these balls. The proton-electron collision in the frame of CB-model should be considered as collision of two resonators. In this case can be explained a number of character
more » ... onal features depending on the initial and final electron energies and the scattering angles.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2012.312239 fatcat:bbqeoqsyjjfcjd7hyi7yi3dv4m