The Character of Dislocations in LiCoO[sub 2]

H. Gabrisch, R. Yazami, B. Fultz
2002 Electrochemical and solid-state letters  
Dislocations in LiCoO 2 were observed by transmission electron microscopy, and their Burgers vectors were determined by analysis of diffraction contrast in tilting experiments. The configuration of all dislocations indicates that they are glissile, and dislocation configurations were found that are indicative of active slip planes. Perfect dislocations of a/3͗112 0͘ type Burgers vectors were observed on ͕0001͖ habit planes. These perfect dislocations sometimes dissociate into Shockley partial
more » ... Shockley partial dislocations with a/3͗101 0͘ type Burgers vectors. Glide of these partial dislocations can account for the sequence of crystal structures O3, H1-3, O1 that occur with the delithiation of LiCoO 2 . The presence of glissile dislocations also suggests possible damage mechanisms during cycling. Figure 1. The layered structure of LiCoO 2 with R3 m symmetry. Electrochemical and Solid-State Letters, 5 ͑6͒ A111-A114 ͑2002͒
doi:10.1149/1.1472257 fatcat:nelbj7thu5fm7hszvufi5hr64q