Study on production possibility of probiotic fermented beverage based on mixture of pineapple, apple and mango juices

Somayeh Mashayekh, Mahnaz Hashemiravan, Fahim Mokhtari
2015 Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research   unpublished
Probiotics are live microorganisms and if they are applied adequately can have useful effect on the health of host. One of the advantages of fruits as the basic medium to produce probiotic drinks is the lack of consumption limitation by specific people due to the lack of lactose and cholesterol, enriched with nutrients. The present study evaluates fermented functional drink production based on the mixture of pineapple, apple and mangifera by Lactobacillus caseiPTCC 1608. Factors such as
more » ... ors such as reducing sugars at times after fermentation and acidity, survival of probiotic bacteria after fermentation during 28 days at temperature 4℃ are evaluated. To produce probiotic fermented drink based on the mixture of pineapple, apple and mangifera, microbe suspension with initial concentration 10 6 , 10 7 cfu/ml is provided and is inoculated to concentrate mixture of juice with concentration of 20, 30, 40% of juice and fermentation process is performed for 72 hours at temperature 37℃. The data analysis is done by multi-range Duncan test in fully randomized design consisting of 6 treatments with 3 control treatments with three replications. During fermentation in all treatments, the population of probiotic bacteria was increased due to using sugar and nutrients in juice, acidity is increased and reducing sugar is reduced. Based on the results, F 2 T 2 treatment with concentration of 30% of juice (including 15% pineapple juice, 7.5% apple juice and 7.5% mangifera juice and density 10 7 cfu/ml is the best treatment and it has the highest bacteria after 28 days.The results of study show that mixture of pineapple, apple and mangifera juice is a good medium for the growth of lactic acid bacteria and functional drink production.