Allele-Specific Histone Acetylation Accompanies Genomic Imprinting of the Insulin-Like Growth Factor II Receptor Gene

J.-F. Hu
2000 Endocrinology  
The mouse insulin-like growth factor II receptor (Igf2r) gene encodes two reciprocally imprinted RNA transcripts: paternally imprinted Igf2r sense and maternally imprinted Igf2r antisense. Although DNA methylation has been implicated in the initiation and maintenance of genomic imprinting, acetylation of core histones has recently been appreciated as another important factor that regulates gene expression. To determine whether histone acetylation participates in the regulation of Igf2r
more » ... n of Igf2r imprinting, we examined the relative abundance of acetylated histones in interspecific mice (M. spretus ϫ C57BL/6). Oligonucleosomes derived from liver were immunoprecipitated with acetyl-histone antiserum and were analyzed for the allelic distribution of DNA from the region of the sense and antisense Igf2r
doi:10.1210/en.141.12.4428 pmid:11108251 fatcat:kl2qa4wmsfhtpaoem52ntrax34