Characterisation of the horse transcriptome from immunologically active tissues [post]

Joanna Moreton, Sunir Malla, Aziz Aboobaker, Rachael Tarlinton, Richard D Emes
2014 unpublished
The immune system of the horse has not been well studied, despite the fact that the horse displays several features such as sensitivity to bacterial lipopolysaccharide that make them in many ways a more suitable model of some human disorders than the current rodent models. The difficulty of working with large animal models has however limited characterisation of gene expression in the horse immune system with current annotations for the equine genome restricted to predictions from other mammals
more » ... from other mammals and the few described horse proteins. This paper outlines sequencing of 184 million transcriptome short reads from immunologically active tissues of three horses including the genome reference "Twilight". In a comparison with the Ensembl horse genome annotation, we found 8,763 potentially novel isoforms.
doi:10.7287/peerj.preprints.286 fatcat:taxjd2ihtbczraxmsg4a4dg2qe