Architecture for specific disease case study in schizophrenic patients

Eslam Karami, Ebrahim Samin Sharifi M
2016 International Journal of Biomedical and Advance Research  
One of the centers that have high sensitivity for design is psychotherapy center because of special physical, mental and sentimental conditions of their patient. Design and architecture of psychotherapy centers and caring mental patients are new subjects in our country; and there was no attempt to study and design of this center by interior specialist. To start design of every usage, recognition of habitants of that place is necessary. Recognition and understanding of different needs of
more » ... nt needs of Schizophrenic patients and attempt to meet their needs and respect to priority of these needs in designing and improving their special spaces can be effective in improvement of its quality. Schizophrenia is a chronic and debilitating illness which is associated with impaired social and occupational skills and it affects approximately one percent of the population. Since these patients are considered one of the most disadvantaged sectors of society, and their main requirement is to help them to return home and social environment, it should be possible to step in improving treatment by identifying and using elements of environmental quality and to introduce the environment of a hospital as a healing environment not as an environment for permanent or long-term accommodation for patients, Because the main purpose of admission of a mental schizophrenic patients is maintenance of security of patients and others and above all is his stable treatment. But psychotherapy centers in Iran cannot fully respond to the needs of these patients. And most buildings in the old psychiatric institutions are without proper space and occupational therapy sectors are not efficient and effective. The subject of this paper is the eclectic and interdisciplinary, means architecture and psychology. Purposes of that are obtaining a codified agreement, design standards and present an architectural pattern for treatment and positive influences on mental disorders of schizophrenic patients and his return to a normal life.
doi:10.7439/ijbar.v7i1.2528 fatcat:zuk365iqszcd3dtj6loblb2gra