Discrete-Time Predator-Prey Interaction with Selective Harvesting and Predator Self-Limitation

Zhihua Chen, Qamar Din, Muhammad Rafaqat, Umer Saeed, Muhammad Bilal Ajaz
2020 Journal of Mathematics  
Selective harvesting plays an important role on the dynamics of predator-prey interaction. On the other hand, the effect of predator self-limitation contributes remarkably to the stabilization of exploitative interactions. Keeping in view the selective harvesting and predator self-limitation, a discrete-time predator-prey model is discussed. Existence of fixed points and their local dynamics is explored for the proposed discrete-time model. Explicit principles of Neimark–Sacker bifurcation and
more » ... er bifurcation and period-doubling bifurcation are used for discussion related to bifurcation analysis in the discrete-time predator-prey system. The control of chaotic behavior is discussed with the help of methods related to state feedback control and parameter perturbation. At the end, some numerical examples are presented for verification and illustration of theoretical findings.
doi:10.1155/2020/6737098 fatcat:emcqy6ebrfbltjigoovln5vr34