Weak Deflection Angle by Asymptotically Flat Black Holes in Horndeski Theory Using Gauss-Bonnet Theorem [post]

Wajiha Javed, Jameela Abbas, Yashmitha Kumaran, Ali Övgün
2020 unpublished
The principal objective of this project is to investigate the gravitational lensing by asymptotically flat black holes in the framework of Horndeski theory in weak field limits. To achieve this objective, we utilize the Gauss-Bonnet theorem to the optical geometry of asymptotically flat black holes and applying the Gibbons-Werner technique to achieve the deflection angle of photons in weak field limits. Subsequently, we manifest the influence of plasma medium on deflection of photons by
more » ... photons by asymptotically flat black holes in the context of Horndeski theory. We also examine the graphical impact of deflection angle on asymptotically flat black holes in the background of Horndeski theory in plasma as well as non-plasma medium.
doi:10.20944/preprints201911.0210.v2 fatcat:6rz2hc6e4zgy7pznq6hm4p5yoe