Adherence to commercial food thickener used for treatment of oropharyngeal dysphagia in the community. A year follow-up [post]

AMAYA PEÑALVA-ARIGITA, Maria Lecha, Anna Sansano, Rosa Prats, Aida Vásquez, Helena Bascuñana, Lluis Vila
2022 unpublished
Rationale: Commercial Thickener (CT) for OD treatment is often accompanied of dislike and poor compliance. Aim Describe adherence of CT in our population. Methods Cohort prospective observational study. Randomized patients from NDU-database(4 calls-interviews/year). Variables: age, diagnostic, gender, dwelling: Home (H)/Nursing Home (NH), viscosity (nectar: N, honey: HY, pudding: P), days with CT, questionnaire answers (good, moderate, poor): use (U), consumption patterns (CP) and
more » ... (I) and Hidratation (H). Change in patterns (improvement, maintenance worsening) and non-adherence reasons. Results 204pts, 82.75 ± 11.49 years; 57.8% women. Dwelling: 43.6% H/56.4% NH. Days with CT 509 ± 475.28 [0-2762]d. Viscosity in 168 pts (82.5%): N 45.2%, HY 25% and P 29.8%. A global good adherence of 50%, moderate of 20.2% and poor 29.8%. Many changes occurred in distribution throughout the study period, stressing most of changes in the moderate group (worsening changes) and less in the poor group (mainly improvement). Those with good behaviour maintained their adherence in 61%. According to dwelling, there were changes in distribution (C1-C4): In U; 43.8% vs 41% in good, 37.5% vs 17% in poor, and moderate 18.8% vs 46.3%, p = 0.001. In CP: good 37.5% vs 54.5%, poor in 46.3% vs 28.4%, and moderate 16.2% vs 17%,p = 0.04. In I; maintenance of good in 55.4% vs 63.2% poor, moderate maintenance 9.5%, p = 0.001. Also changes according to H/NH in behaviour: U; 24.4% improved vs 17.6%, 17.8%, worsen vs 45.1%, p < 0.05. CP: 42.2% improved vs 29.4% (NS), 5.5% worsen vs 33.3% (NS). I: 31.1% improved vs 15.7%, 13% worsened vs 45.1%, p < 0.01. Conclusions This study emphasizes the clinical relevance of adherence to CT and the need of its long term follow up.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:kxamjaq2gvdylj6qs7veufwhju