DSC-ESO Approach to Robust Sliding model Control for Ship's Curve Trajectory Tracking

Jun Ning, Hanmin Chen, Wei Li, Baisong Du
2021 IEEE Access  
In order to solve the problem of ship's curve trajectory-tracking control, the Norrbin nonlinear response model which can accurately describe the ship's motion state is selected in this paper. The hyperbolic tangent function is used to design the expected hemispheric angle equation, then the complex track control is transformed into a heading control problem. The fast terminal sliding mode (FTSM) is introduced together with the Backstepping control technique to reduce the system adjustment
more » ... eliminate the chattering. Bying combined with extended states observer (ESO) and dynamic surface control (DSC) technique, the internal and external disturbances in real-time can be estimated and compensated, and the "explosion of complexity" caused by backstepping technique is solved. The state of the control system is bounded and stable, and the system error converges to zero. Matlab simulation proves that the controller can realize the trajectory-tracking control quickly and accurately, and has strong robustness to external disturbances. INDEX TERMS Fast terminal sliding mode, extended states observer, ship trajectory-tracking control, robustness.
doi:10.1109/access.2021.3055637 fatcat:qu6krusrhbdjxcl5dxu7mogmj4