Eine ganzheitliche Arbeitsanalyse, -bewertung und -gestaltung mit dem Leitbild der "vollständigen Tätigkeit" : eine Konstruktanalyse und Vorgehensentwicklung [article]

Vincent Mustapha, Peter Richter, Renate Rau, Martin-Luther Universität, Universitäts- Und Landesbibliothek Sachsen-Anhalt
Work is in constant change. However, the goal of well-designed work remains the same. Work should be efficient, free of impairments and conducive to learning and personal development. In order to put this into practice, a guiding principle and procedure for analysis, evaluation, and design of work is necessary. Therefore, the meta-concept of the complete task was established as a guiding principle that meets the requirements for well-designed work according to DIN EN ISO 6385 (2016).
more » ... (2016). Furthermore, an applicable and holistic procedure for analysis, evaluation, and design of work was developed and tested. This procedure can be carried out in any industry as well as all company sizes and is also appropriate for risk assessments.
doi:10.25673/34924 fatcat:l3csdgt425hvnphkglnpklwc2q