Prosthetic and Mechanical Parameters of the Facial Bone under the Load of Different Dental Implant Shapes: A Parametric Study

Cicciù, Cervino, Terranova, Risitano, Raffaele, Cucinotta, Santonocito, Fiorillo
2019 Prosthesis  
In recent years the science of dental materials and implantology have taken many steps forward. In particular, it has tended to optimize the implant design, the implant surface, or the connection between implant and abutment. All these features have been improved or modified to obtain a better response from the body, better biomechanics, increased bone implant contact surface, and better immunological response. The purpose of this article, carried out by a multidisciplinary team, is to evaluate
more » ... eam, is to evaluate and understand, through the use also of bioengineering tests, the biomechanical aspects, and those induced on the patient's tissues, by dental implants. A comparative analysis on different dental implants of the same manufacturer was carried out to evaluate biomechanical and molecular features. Von Mises analysis has given results regarding the biomechanical behavior of these implants and above all the repercussions on the patient's tissues. Knowing and understanding the biomechanical characteristics with studies of this type could help improve their characteristics in order to have more predictable oral rehabilitations.
doi:10.3390/prosthesis1010006 fatcat:bfrsuc5xzbfxfj7tbeacapwn2m