The MediaSense Framework: Ranking Sensors in a Distributed Architecture

Jamie Walters, Patrik¨ Patrik¨osterberg, Theo Kanter
The evolution of mobile applications and services, largely enhanced by their ability to respond to changes in a user's situation is key driver towards an Internet of Things. With a size expected to exceed the current Internet, solutions are required for self organisation based on relevance and importance. This, underpinning new applications and services exposed to reliable and evolving context information around a presentity. One such element is the ability to rank heterogeneous and distributed
more » ... ous and distributed sensors in response to real time interaction between users and the digital ecosystem. In this paper, we consider one approach to calculating sensor ranking based on their general usage patterns. We present it relevant to our work in progress MediaSense framework, showing the ability for it to be implemented without the need for any centralized coordination.