Chemical modification strategies to prepare advanced protein-based biomaterials

Maria C. Gomes, João F. Mano
2021 Biomaterials and Biosystems  
Nature is a superb source of inspiration when it comes to the development of biomaterials. Proteins, an exquisite asset virtually involved in all biological functions, are envisioned as a biomaterial due to their ability to be chemically modified. Owing to the rich chemical repertoire provided by the side chains and C-/N-terminus present in their backbone, scientists are pursuing chemical ways to upgrade isolated proteins, while maintaining their biological activity or relevant structural
more » ... ties. By inserting chemical motifs, the crosslinking capability of proteins and capability to attach biochemical and molecular groups can be controlled yielding nano to macro constructs and hydrogels with improved physicochemical and mechanical properties. These cutting-edge approaches elevate the potential use of proteins as promising biomaterials for biotechnology and biomedicine.
doi:10.1016/j.bbiosy.2021.100010 fatcat:5x4vkbzbpbbpll5eo2jpiflmeq