Fabrication & Characterization of Mg-MWCNT & AZ31-MWCNT Composites

Sachin Berad, Prof, Jayakumar
2015 International Journal of New Technologies in Science and Engineering   unpublished
This paper discus with manufacturing of Mg-MWCNT & AZ31-MWCNT based composites by Stir casting route. MWCNTs with variable percentage of 0.33 wt%, 0.66 wt%, and 0.99 wt % added into Mg alloy AZ31 matrix. The effects of varying percentages of MWCNTs on Mg-MWCNT & AZ31-MWCNT are studied by using mechanical properties such as density, porosity and hardness. The characterization reveals gives the better mechanical properties for AZ31-0.99 wt% MWCNT amongst all composites. The reason behind the
more » ... son behind the increase is due to proper mixing of MWCNT into Mg alloy matrix. The density and hardness measurements show that lighter composites can be produced with the incorporation of MWCNT into Mg & AZ31 alloy with higher strength.