Isolation, Identification, biocontrol activity and plant growth promoting of a superior strain Streptomyces tricolor strain HM10 [post]

Medhat Rehan, Abdullah Alsohim, Hossam Abidou
2021 unpublished
Purpose: Streptomyces are familiar with biocontrol activity and producing a broad range of biologically active substances. Our goal was to isolate a local Streptomyces bacteria that can promote plant growth via siderophore, indole acetic acid (IAA) production and phosphate solubilization and biocontrol the phytopathogens to reduce the heavy usage of chemical fertilizers and fungicides.Methods: The designated strains were isolated from local soil samples in Saudi Arabia via the standard serial
more » ... lution method, identified morphologically, by scanning electron microscope (SEM) and 16S rDNA sequencing and screened against many soils borne fungi. Siderophore, IAA production and phosphate solubilization were detected and measured.Results: A strain designated Streptomyces tricolor strain HM10 was isolated and showed aerial hyphae in SEM. Selected isolate showed highly homolog revealed to 99.69 % with the type strain Streptomyces tricolor LMG 20328. In vitro experiments showed a growth inhibition of ten phytopathogenes by strain HM10 fermentation broth and production of plant growth promoting compounds such as siderophore, IAA and solubilize phosphate. S. tricolor strain HM10 exhibited high antagonism effect against tested fungi (i.e. Colletotrichum gloeosporides with inhibition zone exceed 18 mm whereas the lowest effect was against Alternaria solani (8 mm)). Furthermore, the highest siderophore production was recorded to strain HM8 followed by strain HM10 with 64 and 22.56 h/c (halo zone area/colony area). With regard to IAA production, Streptomyces strain HM10 was the highest producer with value 273.02 µg/ml.Conclusion: Streptomyces tricolor HM10 is an important biological agent that can be used to promote plant growth and control of phytopathogen.
doi:10.21203/ fatcat:zwiant5rfjbaphwsivm72cgidy