Historia teologii moralnej jako element przekazu orędzia moralnego

Andrzej Derdziuk
2014 Roczniki Teologiczne  
A b s t r a c t. History understood both as history of man and as a narration about the past is a school of life and a treasury of experience. History of man is also history of salvation that allows understanding in faith God's salutary interventions. History of the world has an anthropological dimension and it illustrates the history of mankind experiencing the effect of various factors. History of moral theology is marked with the saints' action and with theologians' works. Theologians
more » ... handbooks and they influenced the life of the Church. The twenty centuries of Christianity have become the arena of transformations of man's moral awareness; and the transformations were influenced by political and economical events, but first of all by outstanding individuals' work. Evangelical inspiration has given the world a new conception of anthropology and it has shown a possibility of interpreting history in the perspective of being led by Divine Providence. The article shows such an understanding of history and points to the forms in which the Gospel is manifested in the history of moral theology. A gradual growing in understanding the evangelical message in itself is becoming a school of education for searching for good. Translated by Tadeusz Karđowicz
doi:10.18290/rt.2016.63.4-2 fatcat:j5ymzkluxbcu7mem2xupe2iiv4